Milestone – The Lord’s Prayer

goodmansOur first-graders gathered April 21 for the Lord’s Prayer Milestone. They explored the prayer we say in church each Sunday, and they made hexagon-shaped pillows to help them remember its different components.

Here are some comments from parents.

Debbie Carter, mom to Dylan: “We thought it was great! Dylan was very excited about the pillow. It will be a fun reminder for him of the different parts of the Lord’s Prayer. “

Kelly Goodman, mom to Sam: “I really appreciated how the kids were taught each part of the Lord’s Prayer and its significance. Danielle taught it in a way that made sense to them.”

Penny Moss, mom to Aiden: “We enjoyed it very much! Aiden came home and told his daddy all about it when he got home from work. He tried to walk him in a hexagon shape as he was explaining it. We said the Lord’s Prayer            before bed last night and again tonight. I think each Milestone is something to look forward to and will be a great reminder to look back on in our Milestone book. I very much appreciate Kim and Danielle for offering such a great opportunity for our children.”

Milestone events celebrate significant moments and ages in a child’s life. Each milestone event includes hands-on teaching and a tool/gift that will help your child carry this milestone into their daily life. One adult is to be present with each child. Siblings, godparents and grandparents are also invited. Interested in participating? Please call Kim Lentz, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, for more information or call the church office for a copy of our Milestone Booklet for families.






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