Miracle of the Light

Nine of our sixth-grade girls and friends learned about acolyting during the Miracle of the Light milestone on Jan. 9.

“For Lillie, it was meaningful that they tied in the question of ‘Why light in worship?’ and what it means to acolyting,” said Kathy Rusher. “She now understands the importance of light inside and outside of church. Lillie will always see the bigger picture of the candles and the light.”

Meg Dees’ daughter Maggie also participated. “She just absolutely loved it,” Meg said. “She came back and told me every detail of everything they did. It was great. She invited two friends, and she just really embraced it all.”


Elizabeth Derrick and Angie Greene of the Order of St. John’s worked with the girls on the details of acolyting. As sixth-graders, girls and boys serve as acolytes before going on to other responsibilities in high school, such as serving as crucifers, banner bearers and torch bearers, Elizabeth said. “They were eager to learn and volunteer.”


The milestone took place as part of a lock-in, and the girls went bowling afterward. Not just any bowling, but Cosmic Bowling, with the lights out!



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