Scholarship challenge continues as Guatemala

nataleeThe school year is about to begin in Guatemala.  In Guatemala, if your family can’t  pay for your education, you do not go to school.  This issue severely affects children living in poverty and impacts the generational issues of illiteracy, unemployment and poverty in that country.  There are many children who have applied to attend the school this year and they are in need of assistance in obtaining an education.

La Escuela Integrada is a school system that was established with the mission of assisting children in overcoming poverty through the provision of nutrition, education and mentoring.  Experiencing the opportunity to attend school is huge for these children since each year of education achieved provides more and more opportunities. Additionally, the school is providing more than an education. The children receive two nutritious meals, snacks, vitamins, tutoring, mentoring, and explore their relationship with God while attending school.

The children who attend this school are accomplishing a great deal, and thanks to the education sponsors and all the prayers of the congregation, they will complete another year of education.  More than ever, we are witnessing the children finding God and experiencing hope that they may overcome the effects of extreme poverty.

Last year, St. John’s participated in the nationwide Guatemala Sponsorship Challenge and congregants of St. John’s provided 30 children the opportunity to attend the school.  St. John’s sponsored more children than any congregation in the United States.  In 2015, the GRACE award will be given to the congregation which provides the highest number of educational sponsorships in the US. More importantly, participating in this challenge provides the opportunity for children living in poverty to obtain an education and experience God’s love.  St. John’s is very close to obtaining the GRACE award.

Please consider sponsoring a child’s education and support at La Escuela Integrada for the 2015 school year.  A sponsorship is $600 per year and includes the child’s education, two meals a day and snacks, support to the family, tutoring, and mentoring.  St. John’s matching funds may be utilized to assist in the provision of the sponsorship.  Pick up one of the “gifts” from the church office and complete the card                       indicating that you are committing to assist a child and their future.

Contact Paula Bohland at 704-640-6144 or Evelyn Medina at 704-309-0203 for more information and look for the announcement regarding the GRACE Award in the Eagle’s View.



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