Telephone team adds another layer of congregational contact

Congregational members on our prayer chain have been getting telephone calls from fellow members for the last several months.

The Telephone Team began its work in November, as an extension of the church’s Health Care Ministry Team. It also provides another layer of support for congregational care.

So far, Carolyn Byrd, director of senior adult ministries, has been pleased with the results. Gerrie Blackwelder leads a team which includes Kay Coltrain, Jeanie Moore and Cora Shinn.

Cora was glad to sign on when Gerrie invited her. “It was something I could do at home,” Cora says. “I felt like it was a good outreach for people who are at home all the time. There are many things I can’t do at church at this point in my life, but I can still talk over the telephone.”

Cora adds, “I have been well received by the members I have called. Everyone was very appreciative of the service that this ministry is providing. We don’t mean to invade anyone’s privacy, but we are sincere in what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it.”

Jane Barrier agrees. She and her husband Marvin have received calls from the Telephone Team.

“It’s been wonderful,” Jane says. “It helps us keep in touch when we’re not able to be there. Please continue this ministry!”


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