Thank You God for Food

3-year-olds and their families learn about table blessings

On Nov. 16, a half-dozen three-year-olds and their families attended the milestone, “Thank You God for Food.” Held in the fellowship hall, the event centered around Milestone - thank youlearning different blessings to share at meals, and also taught our youngest members about children who don’t have enough to eat.

Mary Masters Goodman attended with her mom and dad, Jessica and Nicholas, and her grandparents, Franco and Brenda.

Said Jessica, “The Thank You God for Food was a great event for us to extend our teaching of empathy for others to our daughter. A three-year-old can recognize the need for compassion and love in our community, and this event showed the children that their voice counts. Programs like these at St. John’s are helping to instill the values of compassion and stewardship in our children.”

Ashton Williams attended with his brother Jackson, parents Jonathan and Meredith, grandmother Kim Lentz, and great-grandparents Howard and Diane Everhart.

Said Jonathan, “The Thank You God For Food event was a wonderful evening of fellowship for our church’s three-year olds and their families.  This milestone, which teaches the importance of blessings and giving to others, represents a very important step in the formation of faith in our young children’s lives at St. John’s.  It was great to see our little Ashton and his friends celebrating the practice of prayer and giving thanks.”



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