Advent Devotional – December 5

Peace in God’s creation
Please read Isaiah 55:10-13

Christmastime is a season in which we celebrate the creation of God’s son on earth. This season brings with it a joy and sense of peace in God’s gift to mankind, for through God’s cre-ation we find grace. Unfortunately, that sense is often temporary and fleeting as the season passes and the mundane sets in for many of us. However, just as God’s gift of salvation through his son gives us peace at Christmas, a similar sense of peace can be found in God’s other creations.

Life has become infinitely more complex over the years, and our daily list of worries has grown lengthier as a result. As children of God in a modern world, we have often become so busy that we neglect to enjoy and appreciate God’s creation that is all around us. Have you known peace on the shores of the ocean? A brisk morning sunrise? At the sound of silence on a tranquil lake? As snow falls softly on the trees? God’s peace is all around us and waiting to enrich our souls and make us healthier Christians. But many of us have become so busy that we have forgotten the sense of peace that being in the midst of God’s creation brings.

Many of us will not be visited by angels while we tend our flocks by night. Many of us will not travel great distances to bestow gifts in the presence of God. But most of us can venture into God’s natural creation and spend some time in silence and reflection. Refer to Isaiah 55:10-13 and think of the glory of all that God has created.

Lord, we give thanks to you for all of your creations. Let the peace of the Christmas season be with us always. Amen.
by Derek Young


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