Advent Devotional – December 3

Shepherds of peace

“I will bring back the strayed, and I will bind up the injured, and I will strengthen the weak…”   –  Ezekiel 34:16

How do we find peace with ourselves, our neighbors, and with God? There are so many opportunities to become lost and confused in a world that bombards us with messages and images that distract us from peace and leave us lost and confused.

In October, I met a gentleman named Frank, a young octogenarian with a family-owned appliance business on the South Carolina coast. As repeat customers, Jack and I have been impressed by their excellent customer service and reasonable pricing. We told Frank that we had recommended his services to others. Frank then shared with us the story of his life, his romance with his deceased wife Annette, and his great faith in God.

A female friend in crisis recently called him and asked that he pray with her over the phone. He complied with her request, but when he got home that evening, he felt the Lord pushing him to do more. He sat down on his couch, put his phone on “text” mode, and said, “God, I am putting my brain in idle. Please tell me what it is that you want me to say.”

Frank proceeded to recite an amazing message that told of God’s love for the world and its people beginning with the creation story. Frank recounted the creation of woman from Adam’s rib and told his friend that from the beginning, God blessed man with a female companion and that all ladies, including herself, have a divine purpose in the world.

What a powerful and inspiring message from a humble and obedient servant! May we all aspire to be the kind of shepherd that Frank portrays in his daily walk with God.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the peace you give us through your love and constant care. Amen.
by Jeanie Moore


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