Advent Devotional – December 1

It’s not hard to spot those who need peace 

I have often heard people talk about the different ways to discuss peace. Peace is defined as a state of harmony between people or nations. Even at 16, I wonder how God brings peace into such a complicated world. As a Christian raised at St. John’s, I pray God will give me a peaceful heart. How can I pass this gift he has given me to others?

I believe God challenges us to be peacemakers each day at school. I have the opportunity to reach out to those who are lonely, afraid, angry or bitter. It is not hard to spot them. They are isolated from the rest of the student population. I know that God teaches us to reach out and help form peaceful hearts in those who feel forgotten.

I believe that if I have peace in my heart, God wants me to share it with others. I would like to be known as a peacemaker. A peacemaker is willing to risk his own popularity to stand up for or be a friend to someone who been mistakenly or unjustly wronged. Being a peacemaker means to be someone who tries to help settle a disagreement between classmates or stop a fight, all the while armed with God’s example of kindness and love.

I challenge all of you to trade unkindness for kindness, misunderstanding for understanding, and strive to be peacemakers with me.

Dear Lord, I have shared so much with you. You listen to my thoughts and accept my teenage faults. You’re always there to encourage and remind me that I am never alone. Help me to be the kind of peacemaker you are for us, and to reach out to others with love and support. Amen.

By Jordan Smith 


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