Coming Soon: Dec. 2, 2018  

Elizabeth, Mary’s relative, was in a very confusing place in her life. Pastor Rhodes explores how she...

Christ the King Sunday: Nov. 25, 2018  

We conclude our sermon series “A Bigger Table” with the most important table of all, the Lord’s...

Thanksgiving Sunday: November, 18, 2018  

On this Thanksgiving Sunday, Pastor Rhodes dives into the story of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath...

A Bigger Table: Nov. 11, 2018  

In part 2 of “A Bigger Table,” Pastor Rhodes uses the story of Zacchaeus to take a...

All Saints Sunday: November 4, 2018  

Making room at the table for my enemies? Really? This week, Pastor Rhodes wrestles with how we...

Reformation Sunday: Oct. 28, 2018  

Pastor Laura talks about how we belong to God in a different way through Jesus Christ.

Tyrants: Oct. 21, 2018  

Is God silent? Pastor Rhodes wraps up our “Tyrants of the Old Testament” series, wrestling with a...

Tyrants: Oct. 14  

Pastor Laura Henrik preaches on the story of David and Bathsheba.

Light of the World: Oct. 8, 2018  

The Rev.  Harvey L. Blume preaches on Matthew 5:14.

Consecration Sunday: Sept. 30, 2018  

The Rev. Carl Sachtleben preaches for Consecration Sunday.

Tyrants: Sept. 23, 2018  

This week’s tyrant is the Pharaoh of Egypt, a man of great fear and dread among the...

Sermon: Sept. 16, 2018  

Thanks to Hurricane Florence, our impromptu worship service led to an impromptu sermon. Enjoy.