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From Pastor Rhodes

In Libya, 21 kidnapped Coptic Christians were murdered last week. Cold-blooded .. for all the world to see. They are known as “Coptic Christians” because of their rootedness to Mark, the Gospel’s author, who they believe brought Christianity to Alexandria (Egypt) and served as the church’s first bishop (speaking the Coptic language). Until 800 AD,  […]

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Adult summit a success

When Carolyn Byrd became director of senior adult ministries, she was asked to re-imagine or re-engineer, if you will, St. John’s programs for senior adults. Of course, she couldn’t do it by herself. So Carolyn invited members 60 and above to an Adult Summit, held Feb. 4 in the fellowship hall. Judging by energy and […]


Worship Space March Milestone

Three of our 4-year-olds, Bell Brady, Addison Connell and Jillian Towns, took place in a Worship Space March milestone on Jan. 4. The girls got to check out each of the three worship spaces, and what makes each one special. “It was wonderful,” said Heather Brady, Bell’s mom. “She loved it! I wasn’t sure what […]


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