We began broadcasting our 11 am worship service in 1939 on WSTP 1490.  Although, WSTP is no longer broadcasting, you can still hear our service.  Here’s how:

  • Radio – You can listen to the previous week’s service each Sunday at 9:00 AM on WSAT 1280 AM.
  • Livestsream – You can check out the current week’s service live through our website.
  • Sermons – To listen to the previous week’s sermon click here.

If you have issues with the livestream, contact our Media Specialist, Taylor Hutchins.

Many of our homebound members listen to the services on the radio or via livestream.  They receive bulletins on Thursday so they can follow along with the services.  If you would like to be added to the list of members who receive a weekly bulletin by mail, please contact Office Manager, Joy Chaffin.