Text Giving


Set up a one time or recurring donation by texting the amount you wish to give to:


To Set Up Text Giving:
(Example - I want to give $25)
General Fund: Type 25 (hit send). Follow registration link to set up payment methods.
Other Funds: Text Funds. Follow registration link. Fund options will be available.

Once You Are Registered:
To make another donation, all you have to do is text the amount you wish to give to the above number.
(Example - I want to give $25)
General Fund: Type 25 (hit send).
Other Funds: To receive a text with the list of fund options type Funds. Type 25 [space] name of fund (hit send). The church will be notified of your selection.

*You will receive a donation confirmation text each time a donation is made.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ruth Ann Diehl, Business Manager.

Helpful Keywords

Text Assist to receive instructions via text.

Text Repeat to make a donation recurring.

Text Edit to edit name, pay method, address, or email.

Text Refund to cancel a one-time donation.

Text Discontinue to cancel recurring donations.

Text Halt to permanently disable Give by Text. You will not be able to re-enroll once you have opted out.