Christmas Church Youth Exchange- Palestinian Youth Retreat

Christmas and St. John’s Covenant Agreement includes a commitment to learn from the other’s experience and wisdom. It also specifies pursuing “people to people” connections.

Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, is organizing a Palestinian youth trip U.S. visit to coincide with St. John’s senior youth 2023 summer retreat. Approximately 12 youth and two chaperones from two Lutheran congregations (Bethlehem and Beit Sahour) would visit St. John’s the weekend prior to the retreat, attend the Sunday service commission, and attend the weeklong retreat.

We would like to engage the congregation in a light fundraising effort on behalf of the Palestinian kids visiting. It would be an opportunity to “sponsor” one of the youth who are traveling here. I would ask for gifts of $50 or $100 to cover the cost of transportation (3 day metro passes in Washington, DC) and attractions (tickets for a Washington Nationals Game and a theme park). Our visitors are also going to need bedding for our travels up the coast. I would also like to ask the congregation if they would be willing to donate, sheets, blankets, (or sleeping bags) and pillows. These items would be returned upon completion of the trip.