COVID-19 Guidelines

St. John’s Lutheran Church Meeting Space Guidelines

As we continue to wrestle with the pandemic, we encourage the wearing of masks in worship and other campus events, especially if you are unvaccinated, fall within a higher risk category (the elderly, those with chronic disease, etc.), or are exposed to Covid-19.
"What should I do if I'm vaccinated/boosted and exposed to Covid?" First, don't panic. Since you're vaccinated, you're likely in good shape. But it's important to wear a mask in indoor public places until you can be tested, which should happen 4-5 days after exposure. If you test negative, you're good to go! To find a testing site, visit
As we manage this new Covid variant, let's continue to do our best to turn the tide!
A reminder that the CDC and every Public Health department in the country are in agreement that the best way to prevent illness is to be vaccinated and boosted. Contact the Rowan County Health Department or Novant Health to schedule an appointment. If you still have questions, three of our members are eager to have conversation with you. They are: