“This might be our next ’new’ tradition!”

By Pastor Rhodes Woolly

Advent and Christmas are filled with traditions, and this one just might be your next “new” one!

Join us for a congregation-wide Advent wreath making event, Nov. 28, 5-7 pm at the Vista at Walnut Hill. Come enjoy chili, soup, a hot chocolate bar, good fellowship, and plenty of opportunities to make Advent and Christmas wreaths with fresh-cut greens and all the necessary accoutrements.

Families with children will get a take-home set of daily Advent cards. Each card features a ritual, prayer, reflection, or activity for the family. Those of you who received them last year know how meaningful these cards can be!

It’s going to be a great time … and we couldn’t ask for a better location: the Vista at Walnut Hill is a converted barn in western  Rowan County, owned and operated by Fred and Mary Lou Williams.

I have to admit, making Advent and Christmas wreaths was a big deal growing up. My mom was always one to honor timeless traditions like these, carrying them forward in a way that was so very meaningful. Each year we’d cut greens, berries and twigs from the yard and create our family Advent wreath, doing our best — often unsuccessfully — to make sure the four candles would stand up straight.

When Krista and I moved to Winchester, Virginia, there were few Advent wreaths to be found, especially those made from cut greens from the yard.

We lamented to our friend Jane who said, “I have lots of greenery in my yard I’d love to bring if that would help.” And sure enough, Jane filled up a big corner of the fellowship hall with everything you’d ever need to made a beautiful Advent and Christmas wreath.

Traditions, like ritual, draw us together in special, unique ways. We believe this one will do the same, as we enjoy an evening at Walnut Hill, surrounded by good friends, delicious goodies, and the smell of pine and cedar.

It just might be your next ‘new’ tradition!

Would you like to bring something or volunteer to help with the fun? CLICK HERE


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