New Life: As We Peer into Spring

Nathan Hough never imagined what he’d find when he stepped out to his new pig sty the other day. A baby piglet! Turns our Mama Pig was pregnant! Welcome to Spring, y’all!

Dear friends,

As a kid, I always enjoyed turning the calendar to March (remember when we used to turn the Kitchen calendar?).

In South Carolina, March meant spring. Warmer weather, short sleeves, clear skies. Not always, but enough to know that warm weather was closer than cold weather. Love it!

As we peer into Spring, a few things come to mind.

  1. I hope you’ll step foot into the Outdoor Learning Center someday soon. It’s just amazing, and the kids are loving it. We’ll have a dedication in late April – when things are blooming – but you’ll certainly want to take a closer look before then.
  2. We had a monumental moment the other day in my Thursday morning men’s Bible study. I asked how many of the men had received their vaccine. Of the 23 participants, every one of them raised their hands. Well done! Let’s keep it up .. for your sake and the sake of the community.
  3. Speaking of which, congrats to Alyssa Harris, one of our members who was recently appointed interim director of the Rowan County Health Department. Not an easy time to jump into the director’s role, but Alyssa will do an outstanding job. Check out my interview with Alissa on our “Conversations that Matter” podcast.
  4. Later this month you’ll be receiving a new brochure about our G2G mini-campaign. As you know, our phase 2 campaign was interrupted by COVID, so it’s now time to finish up what we started. Thanks to your generosity, we have the resources to begin the projects you prioritized a year ago – the sanctuary’s lower level, replacement of HVAC units and other necessary infrastructure work, and the CDC. The mini-campaign invites contributions for adding handicap accessible restrooms to the main floor of the sanctuary and a renovation of the music wing.
  5. This past week we learned that Bradley has accepted a call to a church in Bluffton, SC (see article on page 1). Bradley has been a creative, passionate addition to our ministry team for nearly 5 years. He will certainly be missed, but we’re thankful that God has prepared him for this new opportunity. I know he’ll make a powerful contribution to their ministry. We’ll look forward to following his progress!
  6. I hope you’ll participate in our Lenten Personal Care Kit challenge. We’d love for every family unit to make at least one care kit. We’ll then drive them all to Baltimore, where they’ll be shipped around the world. What a great way to return thanks for God’s great love through Jesus Christ.

Our very best to you this month. The picture above is a good snap shot of where I am right now. It’s been a long, sometimes dark 12 months … but new life is upon us! I have every confidence that God is welcoming us into the dawn of a new day, blessing us with the sweet smell of spring … and the grunts of a newborn piglet. Enjoy!

+Pastor Rhodes



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