Pastor Laura Takes Greater Role at CDC

Pastor Laura also gets the chance to interact with children at the CDC, but her main task is supporting the administrative staff.

By Susan Shinn Turner

Believe it or not, the St. John’s Child Development Center turns 20 this year.

“It’s an exciting time to look at what the center is doing and to give extra encouragement to the administrative staff,” says Pastor Laura Henrik.

To that end, Pastor Laura is spending each Tuesday afternoon at the CDC, four hours a week, between now and March 1, 2020.

Her primary charge is to train the CDC staff in a new faith-based curriculum and to guide a new initiative in healthy lifestyles and eating. Pastor Laura and her husband, Davin, have two children who both attend the CDC, and she’s always loved kids, she says.

“But it’s more than that. We have 186 kids here every single day. This is the biggest ministry our congregation has. There’s an incredible opportunity to impact the community with the work we do here.”

The congregation also tagged the CDC renovation and new playground as a high priority for the G2G Phase 2 campaign, slated to begin in early 2020. (Read more about G2G on p. 10.)

Pastor Laura is working directly with Courtney Bost, the CDC’s executive director.

Pastor Laura and Courtney Bost, the CDC’s Executive Director, visit with children in Ms. Pam’s “Mini Blessings” classroom.

“It was Pastor Rhodes’ vision to bring in Pastor Laura to provide extra support during our transition and to bridge the connection between St. John’s and the CDC,” Courtney says. “It’s been very helpful.”

“This is absolutely a step in the right direction in helping us grow as a facility and organization,” Courtney says.

“We want the CDC to have a more visible role in the life of the congregation,” Pastor Laura says. “I’m so excited to be a part of it all.”

Pastor Rhodes adds, “As we step into the next 20 years, we know that we have to rethink the way we do early education. We are uniquely positioned to do that, but it will take effort and creative thinking.

“For 20 years, the community has looked to the CDC as a leading voice in early childhood education. The community needs us to set the tone. Our kids need us to make this investment. Imagine the impact we’ll have on their lives and, by extension, the life of this community.”


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