Adult Discipleship Opportunities

Think Lutheran.
For those new and those ready to renew their faith.

On Wednesdays in October, we begin a new course on Lutheranism for adults.

Pastor Laura says many of our members come from different church backgrounds and may not be familiar with some of the Lutheranism basics. And that’s okay. This course is designed to be a fun way for adults to learn and engage with our Lutheran heritage.

Pastor Laura says, “Think Lutheran is a new addition to our Adult Discipleship. If you are new to Lutheranism or want to renew your faith, this is the class for you.”

The course will hit five core topics of the Lutheran denomination (history, the Creed, 10 Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, and the Sacraments) in 3 to 4 weeks sessions that will help us to “Think Lutheran.” If you end up going through all five classes, we will have a fun (and funny) patch for your grand achievement.

The first of the five sessions will last three weeks, Oct. 24, Nov. 7, and Nov. 14, and will take place in the education hall. The course is at 6:30 pm, so participants can enjoy Wednesday Night Meals before heading into class.

An online portion is also in the works, to make the course more available to members who have other obligations on Wednesday nights, like Choir rehearsal.

If you have any questions, contact Pastor Laura Henrik, pastor for discipleship, at

Join a Lifegroup
GroupLink is Oct. 21 at 6:30 pm

Are you ready to dig deeper into relationships at St. John’s, draw closer to Christ, and serve the community? Consider joining a LifeGroup.

A GroupLink event to match small group participants is slated for Sunday, Oct. 21, from 6:30 to 8 pm in Peeler Hall. Participants will be brought together in groups of eight to 12 who are in the same stage of life or who hold a common interest, says Pastor Laura Henrik, who leads the LifeGroup effort as pastor for discipleship.

For example, LifeGroups could be set up for young moms, for couples with young children, for singles — for anyone who wants a small-group experience within the framework of a larger congregation.

More Adult Discipleship Opportunities

Already a member of a LifeGroup? St. John’s offers a number of other adult discipleship opportunities, throughout the week.

Adult Sunday School

On Sundays, there are two Sunday School Classes that meet in the education hall, the Martin Luther Class, taught by Gary Rhodes and Krista Woolly, and the Miller Class, taught by Dr. Gary Freeze.

Women’s Bible Study

Every Tuesday morning, the Women’s Bible Study meets at 8 am at Panera Bread with Pastor Laura to discuss the preaching text for the following Sunday. Attendees receive the reading via email each Monday.

If you would like to attend the Women’s Bible Study, please send your email to to receive the weekly reading.

About two dozen men typically meet each week for the Thursday morning Men’s Bible Study.

Men’s Bible Study

On Thursday mornings at 7:30 am, the Men’s Bible Study meets at Trinity Oaks for breakfast, followed by Bible Study with Pastor Rhodes. The men also receive the preaching text for the week via email.

If you would like to attend the Men’s Bible Study, please send your email to to receive the weekly reading.


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