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My bees didn’t make it this year. Call it bad weather, bad luck, bad beekeeping, or maybe the vicious assault of neighboring mustached bees that were remarkably coordinated in their attack.

Bottom line: We won’t have honey this year.

Which is a bummer. To be honest, I didn’t get off to a good start. Well, let me back up. I bought the right materials, shadowed Nathan Hough and his uber-beekeeper grandmother, found the perfect spot on the St. John’s roof, right next to the solar panels. Everything seemed perfectly in place … except that, for whatever reason, they didn’t make enough honey. And, as I later found out, I didn’t do enough to keep them interested.

When we inspected the bees a few weeks ago, it didn’t look pretty. Robber bees had taken over. The queen and her worker bees were long gone. All that remained was some beeswax and a vacancy sign.

Lesson learned: Sometimes things don’t turn out as planned.

Or sometimes it just takes a little while for things to get started.

I’ve run across kids who I thought might not make it out of high school .. only to become outstanding students and professionals in their careers.

I once worked with a musician in Virginia who, so it seemed, had very few skills in church music .. only to later discover a new passion in jazz music. It just took him a while to get things right.

I’m thinking of Mary Magdalene, whom the world had dismissed as a crazy, demon-possessed woman. But Jesus saw something else in her. He gave her the time and nurturing that she needed and watched her grow into the first witness of the resurrection.

For a few days, I was ready to give up on beekeeping. But perhaps I’m being invited into a place of patience and endurance. After all, what has been sown, God says in Isaiah 43, will grow. “For as the rain and snow fall down from heaven and nourish the earth … so shall be my word. It will flourish.”

So I guess I’ll give these bees another chance. Which means that next year this time, get ready for some yummy honey, friends. You can count on it!


Pastor Rhodes


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