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Four of our youth from the class of 2014. Carter, Rebecca, and Georgia had just finished presenting the sermon on Youth Sunday. Victor Pereira had just been baptized.

Dear friends,

So how did THAT happen?

Just four years ago, my son Carter joined an amazing class of St. John’s high school seniors in walking across the graduation stage.

In the blink of an eye, many of those same “kids” will be walking across another stage. Others are already hard at work, and one is honorably serving in the US Marines. Maybe it’s time for me to stop calling them kids!

Bear with me as I wax poetic about Carter and his classmates. To be honest, I get a little teary no matter what class is honored on Graduation Sunday, but since Carter is our oldest, there’s a special place in my heart for this particular crew.

Georgia Kirchin studied at App State to be a teacher. She’s still discerning if that’s what she’ll do long-term, but she knows it will involve kids and their families.

Rebecca Agner is hoping to go to Dental School someday, finishing up at UNC next week. She has a heart that’s as big as they come, so she’d make a great dentist, no doubt. Carter finishes at LR next week and begins work in Rwanda on August 15 with the ELCA’s Young Adults in Global Mission program.

Nathaniel Greene graduates from UNCC next weekend and has already lined up a job in Greensboro. He can hardly wait. Hannah Adair will graduate from Catawba, her heart set on being a worship leader in the future. Victor Pereira graduates from UNC and will begin a pre-med intensive in late May. Josh Lasker has been in the real world for quite some time, currently stationed in California as a corporal in the Marines.

Christopher Derrick graduates from Catawba next week.  As you know, Chris is loaded with talent, so we’re all looking forward to seeing what’s next with him.  Chance Bowden is also graduating from Catawba. Chance was just named the South Atlantic Conference baseball player of the year. Is the baseball draft next? We’ll wait and see! Ian Lins finishes up at ASU, although he played on the Pfeiffer men’s national championship soccer team before transferring.

Zach Tucker graduates from Elon, already working in the sports marketing industry. Joseph Mowery is working at Baker Shoes and taking classes at RCCC. Kathleen Mowery graduates from Furman next week

I may have missed a few of the other seniors — please forgive me!  — but this is a pretty darn good glimpse at a group of amazing young men and women.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our youth ministry program. Most of these students will be leaving Salisbury and St. John’s, but imagine the many different ways they’ll impact other congregations and communities around the world. It’s our way of making disciples who make disciples. And the beat goes on.

In Rwanda, Greensboro, a Marine installation in California, or a minor league baseball dugout — wherever they are in God’s garden, the Lord has been preparing them to till the soil and change the world.


Pastor Rhodes


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