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Dear friends,

I’d like to share a few comments about our call process. As you may know, congregations need to exercise discretion when identifying and interviewing pastoral candidates. The process is often set in motion by the synod, which provides us with available candidates to interview. A congregation’s “call committee” takes it from there, sensitive to the fact that the candidate’s current congregation may not know that their pastor is in the call process.

In our case, the NC Synod has provided us with an excellent, highly qualified candidate who we are currently interviewing. The Call Committee and representatives of our staff have met with the candidate once, and a date for a second interview has been scheduled. At some point the Call Committee will identify a “primary candidate” whose name will be forwarded to the Congregation Council. If Council agrees, the candidate’s name is shared with the congregation for a vote. When it is a senior pastor who is being interviewed, the congregation is normally given an opportunity to meet and engage the candidate with questions. For an associate position, that part of the process is often skipped, although a complete profile of the candidate will be provided.

Having said all of that, know that we feel very good about where we are. Our Call Committee is an outstanding group of folks representing the wide variety in our church membership: Meeta Lampert, Cory Gebhart, Grace Faller, BJ Connor, Kelly Goodman, Gary Rhodes, Mary Wymbs, Karen Jones, and Sharon Agee. As we enter into a second round of interviews with this particular candidate, we ask for your prayers of discernment — for the pastor and the congregation. If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate contacting me.

Peace to you this week. I’ll see you in church.

+Pastor Rhodes


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