Disciple Bible Study Begins September 13

By Susan Shinn Turner

The popular Disciple Bible Study will be offered again this fall. Pastor Rhodes will teach the 24-week class beginning September 20. An introduction to the course will be on September 13 for all those who might be interested.

The course is limited to 12 participants and provides a survey of the Bible — teaching not only scripture but studying the historical context of the time. Past participants have found it a challenging but deeply meaningful class.

“I spent years in Sunday School as both student and teacher and I am usually intentional in Bible study,” David Hord says. “I certainly have had my crests and troughs in being diligent. Bonnie and I participated in the Disciple 1 class in 2014-2015, not long after coming to St. John’s. Pastor Rhodes led a great class with probably 30 participants. This class helped me to better understand much of what I had been reading for years. We also made great connections with our classmates and have developed some fine friendships. I am very grateful to St. John’s for offering an array of classes to help us all grow in the faith. I recommend Disciple to all of our church family.”

“The Disciple Bible Study has helped me to grow in my understanding of the Bible more than any other religion class I ever took,” Brenda Munday says. “Pastor Rhodes excels in explaining the background and time of the writings, giving a new meaning to the words. I loved it so much, I volunteered to be a leader in the class the following year!”

Franco Goodman says that Disciple was a class he always wanted to take, but never felt he had the time to do so. “It was worth every meeting,” he says. “It was informative, but the best part was the relationships we developed as a
group. Reading the Bible together weekly gave us a new perspective on the Bible. I would certainly highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and discern the Bible better. In church many Sundays, I’ll hear a scripture reading that I understand even more having taken the class. It was a sacrifice that was well worth it.”

I had the privilege of taking the class with two of my coworkers at the time, Ruth Ann Diehl, who remains our business manager, and Karen Goodman.

“The Bible stories I knew became so much more meaningful and rich as we studied them together,” Ruth Ann says. “The experience stays with you long after the classes have been completed.”

I agree with Ruth Ann. I’ve pulled out my class materials several times over the years. It’s a lot of reading and writing — both of which I love — but it’s well worth the investment in time and effort to better connect faith and life together.

To sign up for Disciple, please call the church office at 704636-3431.