Unbinding the Gospel

Picture6A congregation-wide Bible study based on Unbinding the Gospel kicks off Feb. 18. Sign-ups for small groups are available Feb. 8 and 15. 

“Unbinding Your Heart: 40 Day of Prayer and Faith Sharing” aims to have some 35 small groups participating, says Danielle Kosanovich, pastoral intern. “We have small groups at every date and time you can imagine.”

Existing groups, such as Disciple I, the Monday night Bible study groups will also be participating in the Unbinding the Gospel program.

“The whole congregation is going all in for this study,” Danielle says. “This is a congregation-wide undertaking, and we need you.”

Notes Pastor Rhodes Woolly, “As we begin the final months of our construction project — a time of  preparing SPACE for furnishings, color schemes and artwork — we also are preparing our PEOPLE to move into the space and into a renewed sense of ministry.

To do so, we have a bold plan that we’d like you to be a part of.

“This Lent, 35 small groups will be launched at St. John’s that will focus on a single topic: faith sharing. We’re using an outstanding resource to make this happen that invites and equips even the most shy among us to share faith in powerful, authentic ways.

“Why is such a plan so important and so bold? It’s simple: more and more people aren’t engaged with the Gospel. More and more people have little to no relationship with Jesus Christ … not because they don’t want a meaningful relationship, but no one has told them about it.

“That’s why 300-400 St. John’s members will learn to share their faith. Nothing could make a bigger impact on our congregation or community. It’s the mortar that binds our bricks together.”

“Unbinding the Gospel is an experience for participants to grow in confidence and competence in sharing the Gospel,” says  Pastor Geoffrey Hoy. “It includes prayer exercises, study materials and group interactions aimed at changing behavior — not just attitudes — to assist faithful people to more readily and easily share their faith.”

Sign-ups are available online at www.stjohns-salisbury.org/unbinding or at the church office. If you are interested in being a group leader or hosting a small group in your home, please contact Danielle at the church office.